Railway Express 2007 - 8 December

Thanks good to the good work of Tom Small who took some video of the show (the video is in the library) - we have extracted some shots from the video so you can see thes on the web. A good time was had by all
The Tom Small Portfolio  
Always a favorite the American Flyer layout just runs, chuffs and makes nice sounds - AND the the equipment rarely falls of the track Especially under the eagle eye of Bruce Rogers - king of S
Bob Grodzicki keeps a watchfull eye on the Doug Lay memorial layout As Deb Carey whips up enthusiasm for the gorgeous SPRRHS products
We are not sure who put this poster off - but keeping hands off is good (most of the time) Murray Little cogetates the finer points of N gauge running
Peter Bryant looks stupidly happy - what's tickling his fancy? Perhaps he's just relaxing
Russ Munroe supervises the Ilsley layout - he looks a bit serious. Some of Murray's star locos exercising the N gauge station layout.
The O gauge Flying Yankee coming round the bend A G gauge U-25 heading back to the depot
and then arriving at the depot Action on the Tomlin layout - this loco was a casualty of the day - fell down a bank and broke its coupler
Murray Little always has a word for the ladies - perhaps he put up the sign? Ahhhh the station in the snow !