Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society

The Railway in Amesbury
   1840 Newburyport Station
      1848 Amesbury Station
         1870 Salisburypoint Station
            1936 Last Passenger Train
               1972 Last Train to Amesbury
                  1982 Abandoned

In 1900 Amesbury had a very active railroad line with much freight departing from Amesbury daily (this included vast numbers of Carriages, Dories and Hats). here was a good passenger service to Boston via Newburyport. There were also tram lines running from Amesbury to Haverhill and Salisbury Beach.

SalisburyPoint Station was built in 1870 and acted both as a passenger stop,
and as a significant freight halt -- a place to unload wood and to load dories.
The little station used to be where Rocky Hill road crosses the Rail Trail.
It closed in 1936 and was restored in 1984. It is now in the Lower Millyard
in Amesbury and is open on special occasions.

The Amesbury Carriage Museum took over the ownership of the station in 2015
when the SalisburyPoint RailRoad Historical Society (SPRRHS) was forced to
close due to the museum area being reduced and unable to be open to the public.
The Carriage Museum took over the assets of SPRRHS which included the station
and a large collection of photographs. There are already several papers discussing
railroads in the ACM collections. Other SPRRHS collections still reside on
the SPRRHS website, which is still running today -- frozen as it was in 2015.
These include 12 years of monthly Magazines called “the Salisbury Points” which
include many articles and pictures of local railroad activity that are not
available in other places (don’t forget the great train robbery!).
There are other items of general railroad interest and a history of the club’s
activity (trips, train shows, people and business).

You can see these here at the SPRRHS website. There are also many other railroad
papers, stories and photographs.