Directions to the Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society (basement of 9 Water Street) from I-495

  1. on I-495
  2. find exit #54
  3. drive North on 150 (Hillside Ave) for 1/4m
  4. cross over 110 (the Haverhill Road)
  5. (you will keep on 150 until the last 20 yards !
  6. follow 150 for approx 1 mile to the town center
  7. when you get into the town you will eventually be on Main Street
  8. when you come to a 'mini rotary around a statue' on Main Street you take first right into Elm St
  9. immediately (after 10 yards ) take next right into Water Street
  10. as you travel down Water Street ..... you will pass between Jade III (Chinese take away) on your right and the Cherry Bomb Ice Cream parlor on the left).
    On the right you will pass the small entrance to Cameron Office Supplies parking lot.
    Now you are alongside 'our' mill building (the first big mill building). Ignore the first door on the right. The main door is in the middle of the front of the building and you can see a lobby through the door's windows. Once inside head down the stairs to the basement.
  11. the Water Street parking lot upper level entranceis on the opposite side of the road
  12. we meet Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm (note that on some rare occasions due to other commitments we might miss a Wednesday evening opening).

    Visitors are most welcome ! !        (hint: 7:15 is a good time to visit)

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