Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society 2023-06
In 2015 the Salisburypoint Railroad Historical Society was absorbed by the Amesbury Carriage Museum. The station itself is still in the Lower Millyard. Many of the artifacts became part of the ACM collection. e.g. the SPRRHS Photograph Library. The model trains, store items, the SPRRHS Book Library and Video Library were given or sold to other local railroad organizations.

SPRRHS was forced to close down for several reasons: (1) We lost 1/2 of our space in the basement of 9 Water Street (2) More importantly we lost one of our two entrances. With only one entrance we could not be open to the public - one of our main "reason d'etre" (3) Our active membership was four rather mature gentlemen and one lady.
We are very grateful to Dan Healey for letting us have the use the basement for 13 years.

This site is an online archive of the Salisburypoint RailRoad Histrorical Society. It will not be updated other than some initial housekeeping changes in summer 2023. It is valuable as an archive of local railroad history that does not exist elsewhere. It contains:
(1) An Introduction to the archived website (to be completed) (2) 12 years of monthly newsletters >B>(Salisbury Points) containing much information on local railroad history (3) Various articles that did not appear in the newsletters (4) A brief history of the organization and people (tbc)

The text below is frozen as it was in 2015.         (Note that some sections on this site are for members use only - these sections require a password)

The Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society is a non-profit dedicated to railways, railway modelling and all things trains We are particularly focussed on the preservation of Boston and Maine (B&M) artifacts and memorabillia. We also provide a local forum for modelling and produce authentic New England (mostly Boston and Maine) model railroad car kits. Our major artifact is the 1870 Boston and Maine historic station located in Amesbury MA.

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Salisbury Point Station
2013: Open on Amesbury Holidays and by arrangement
Railway Express 2014
Our last Grand Christmas Train Show
which was on Saturday 13th December 2014

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Note that due to the dissolution of SPRRHS this video
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of the SPRRHS Museum and station as it was.
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Flood Photos May 15 2006